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DIY Your Garden Decor This Spring

by Rob Sherman 05/31/2021

Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

Spring is the best time to begin planning for and updating your garden. Rather than going to the store to buy a few new ornamental decorations or a couple fresh bird feeders you may want to consider creating your own DIY garden decor.

Three Reasons Why You Should DIY Your Garden Decor

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider making your own garden decor:

  • You can create the exact piece that you need for your yard. Instead of searching multiple stores for a piece of outdoor decor that is the right size or style, you can design one that works perfectly for your garden.
  • You can add beautiful decor to your yard for a fraction of the cost. Most DIY garden decor projects are much more affordable than their counterparts that are found at retail locations.
  • You will enjoy the process of crafting and take more pride in the final product. Most people find DIY projects to be both relaxing and rewarding.

The Best Garden Decor Projects to Craft Yourself

  • A painted stepping stone - Stepping stones are beautiful accent pieces in any garden and you can easily create your own for your house. All that you need for this craft is a small patio tile, some acrylic paints and sealer. You can paint your stepping stone in any design that you prefer and seal it once the paint is dry in order to protect it from the elements.
  • A homemade wind chime - Wind chimes can transform your yard into a peaceful and relaxing space and many people do not even realize how easy it is to make their own wind chimes. To make your own wind chime, you can use a piece of decorative wood and either wind pipes or small pieces of glass. Attach the pipes or glass to string and hang them from the wood. You can decorate the wood and then enjoy the sound of your homemade wind chime throughout the entire season.
  • A wooden bird feeder - A bird feeder is the ideal project for someone who enjoys working with wood. You can craft a wooden bird feeder out of spare wood parts that you have and paint or stain it in order to match your outdoor decor. Add your favorite birdseed to the feeder, and you'll appreciate your DIY decor as well as your visiting birds all summer long.
  • A decorated ceramic planter - One of the simplest DIY garden decor projects that you can take on is the decorated ceramic planter. All you need to do is purchase a planter and decorate it with paint, vinyl or other crafting materials. Seal it in order to protect it from the elements and then plant your favorite blooms inside.

Decorating your garden is a great way to refresh for springtime. When you create your own garden decor you can personalize your outdoor living space and create a garden area where you want to spend all of your spare time.

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